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 Intelligent Garden Design Software - bespoke Planting Plans for garden borders & flower beds | Reviews of the Weathertsaff PlantingPlanner


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The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner garden design software for creating tailor-made planting plans Garden border plant - Escallonia 'Red Elf'

Intelligent Garden Design Software


Thank you for your feedback. If you have any suggestions for new features, do get in touch. We greatly appreciate your comments.

The Weatherstaff Team

Outstanding program for the amateur gardener and pro alike

Amazon customer

Flower bed plant - Astrantia in flower

Alison Levey

the blackberry garden

“I found it gave me some interesting planting combinations and I quickly picked up how to use it.  I think it would work well for someone who ... does not know where to start.  I also think it would work well for someone who is very interested in gardening, and knows what they are doing, but has a new area to design and would like some inspiration. I particularly liked that it made suggestions I would not have thought of... The programme is very much about prompting thoughts and working through ideas.”


the Blackberry Garden blog "Top 10 most influential UK garden bloggers" VUELIO award the Blackberry Garden blog "Top 10 most influential UK garden bloggers" Teads award

“It has the most gorgeous photos in it.

I am going to enjoy working on plans for each of my areas of lumpy clay that I would like to turn into a flower bed.

At last I have the tools to plant up some wonderful borders - perhaps I will start with the rather bare and neglected bank outside my office window!  Also think the detail included on each plant is brilliant. Can we have a section on rabbit proof plants next please?”

Ruth, Wye Valley

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“An excellent program. The interface is very intuitive and makes producing some very nice planting plans easy. The only drawback is that you cannot include existing plants and bushes in the initial starting plan. If you could do this then the program would be pretty much perfect”

John, Amazon customer

“Simple to set up and use and works really well. It has a comprehensive database of plants with pictures and season guides and comes up with good suggestions for planting which is exactly what I was looking for.”

MookMcStook, Amazon customer

“First software specifically aimed at UK plants and planting. Absolutely brilliant, easy to use and would recommend it to anyone”

Alan T H, Amazon customer

“Excellent product with detailed information about the plants.”

gerver, Amazon customer

“Excellent product and prompt reply to my enquiry prior to purchase.”

Mr E., Amazon customer

“We really, really like Planting Planner and feel it is a great value product as it has saved us so much time when designing plans for clients.

However there are a few things that we would like to be able to do ( it maybe possible already but we have not found out how yet) so the following are both questions of "How do i" and or suggestions for improvements:

1. you don't seem to be able to allow for plants that are already in a bed, that want to be kept (they may be favourites) It seems to always assume you are starting with an empty bed. This makes it difficult to allow for altering numbers of plants.

2. If you want to substitute a plant in the plan i.e. there is one you really don't like but would like to add in an alternative. You don't seem to be able to do this unless you just cross it off the list in the shopping list (manually). it would be nice to be able to "remove plant and add substitute" then regenerate the plan.”

C & R

Both these features

are now available in the PlantingPlanner

This is now possible in the latest version of the PlantingPlanner

“A very useful piece of software for anyone designing or replanting borders in the garden.

Most software packages are full garden planning and detail of planting becomes a bit vague. Planting Planner concentrates on the plants for a given area in far greater detail. Weatherstaff were very helpful when I asked if it was compatible with the new Windows 10; it is. Loading on the computer was very straightforward and it worked immediately. After a quick measure of my borders it was quite easy to re-create on the planning screen; for ease, I did each border separately. After filling in a few boxes for local conditions and colours and style it produced a planting plan. The presentation of the plan is just like you see from the professionals with coloured circles over the bed and this can be printed out. Details of each plant with a photo are given together with a shopping list.

If you did not like the first plan it produced you can re-generate it and it comes up with a different selection. You can lock in certain plant sections and exclude plants from others as required before each re-generation until you achieve what you want. This is a good feature.”

“First rate program for any horticulturist or just the weekend gardener program full of very good information in plain English so is easy to use for perfect results from a mansion house to a back yard”

Keep Fit Fanatic, Amazon customer

Garden border plant - Rosa 'Falstaff' The Weatherstaff PlantingPlanner garden design software for creating tailor-made planting plans

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The Weatherstaff Planting-Planner intelligent garden design software for creating tailor-made planting plans for your flower beds